Why should I get a Sports Massage?

A lot of people see massage as a luxury and not a necessity. When you think of a ‘massage’ you think nice music, gentle pressure and you leave feeling all relaxed. Sports Massage is not the same – it is a combination of serval massage techniques that are used to target specific muscle groups used during different activities/exercise. After a Sports Massage you will feel lighter, more powerful and more flexible. All of those nagging aches and pains will have been addressed which will help to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Injury prevention

The most important reason to get a sports massage is to help muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints to move though their full range of motion. You want your body to be able to perform at its best while you’re training, there is no point in not reaching your optimum performance just because of tight muscles.

Many injuries are brought about by overusing certain muscles. This can result in soreness, pain and inflammation. Regularly Sports Massages can help reduce the likelihood of the muscles becoming overused in the first place and can also help reduce the initial inflammation that leads to injury. Sports Massage can also reduce the chance of injury recurrence, it is most effective for treating soft-tissue injuries.

Pain reduction and relaxation

More often than not the pain you are feeling is a result of tight muscles. Sports Massage techniques will help to reduce the tension in the muscles which in turn will reduce the pain. Massage also flushes out the lactic acid and toxin in the muscles which will reduce that DOMS feeling post exercise (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Although a Sports Massage can be a bit painful and a deeper pressure, it is a great tool that you can use to reduce stress. A build-up of tension around your shoulders and neck can cause you to get headaches and makes you feel lethargic. Often after a massage you can find you are in a healthier psychological state as well as feeling physically relaxed.


If you want to continue training at a high intensity and be injury free, then you need to invest in yourself and get regular massage. I always say that massage every 4-6 weeks is what everyone should be doing, if you have a niggle or injury then a few massages closer together may be required.


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