Post Marathon Sports Massage

Congratulations to everyone who ran the marathon today – I hope you are all happy with your times!

Sports Massage is vital after a marathon, the most effective time to get a massage is 1-3 days after the event.

The style of the massage will be a bit different to your pre-event ones as the post-event massage will be focused on aiding the lymphatic system. This will help remove waste products and aid recovery. Therefore, the massage techniques used will be a bit lighter and more gentle – you will thank me for this as during the marathon micro damage will have occurred in your muscle tissues and a firm massage could make these worse. Not to mention it would HURT!

Some Benefits of Sports Massage Post Marathon:

  • Helping the circulatory system deal with the waste products which, if they stay in the muscles will cause pain
  • Reducing the intensity of delayed muscle soreness (DOMS) which is usually experienced 1-3 days after a marathon
  • Stretching the muscles and improving the flexibility of the muscles
  • Helping to heal the micro damage to the muscle tissue that occurs during a long run
  • Releasing endorphins which act as a natural pain relief

If you know someone who is struggling after their marathon then I have appointments available this week. Don’t forget that they will get 20% off their first 1-hour massage at Locker 27.

Call : 07908588096               Email:

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