COVID-19 Rules

Dear Clients,

Thank you all for your love and support throughout this time. It has not been easy for anyone and I cannot thank you enough for the lovely messages I have received throughout Lockdown.

Sadly, I cannot give you a specific opening date yet, but it is coming! I just wanted to let you all know the protocol that I will be following when the Clinic does reopen. Things may change as we go along to adapt to the situation so I would ask you to be as patient as possible.

What I have done:

  • Completed two online COVID-19 training courses
  • Learnt about PPE, how to use it and ordered stock

What I will be doing:

  • Deep clean the treatment room (when I can gain access before I reopen)
  • Remove all soft furnishings – no towels will be provided
  • Wearing PPE – I will be wearing a mask and visor.
  • Washing my hands before and after each client
  • Leaving 30-minute gaps between client to allow me to clean the room and prevent clients coming into contact with others on the way out/in. NEW clinic hours will be published soon to allow for this.
  • Cleaning the room thoroughly between clients with Anti-bacterial sprays and wipes
  • Deep cleaning the room at the end of the day on top of the above

What I need you to do:

  • Arrive on time, if you are early please wait in the car and message me you are here, if you are late despite the 30-minute gap I cannot go over your treatment time, this will have a knock on for my cleaning routine and could impact other clients
  • Please wear a face mask
  • As I cannot provide towels to cover you at this time, please wear appropriate clothing for a massage and to protect the surfaces for others e.g. sports shorts, lose fitting clothing 
  • I will be asking you to wash your hands when you arrive and there will be hand sanitisers available to use too
  • Contactless payment is preferable. When you book appointments, I will send you my bank details or you can pay via Contactless pay at the clinic. I will accept card or cash, but the other methods are preferred.


  • If you or anyone in your household is unwell, please cancel your appointment and follow the Governments Guidelines
  • If you become unwell after seeing me, please let me know as soon as possible

I am sorry that there is such a long list, but it is mandatory that we all play our part in preventing the spread of the virus as best we can. Things may change before I reopen as the guidelines seem to be constantly updating so please keep that in mind, I will communicate this to you as best as I can.
Please keep an eye on my Instagram, Facebook and Website as these will be where most of the updates will go first.

I cannot wait to see you all again soon! I do have a waiting list open, so if you wish to be added then please let me know.

Many thanks,


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