Pregnancy Massage

I am so excited to announce that I am officially qualified in Pregnancy Massages. I recently went on a short course at St Mary’s to learn everything I needed to know about this new treatment. I learnt about the hormonal, physiological and emotional changes the body goes through during pregnancy and how massage can be incorporated to support each stage.

Some people worry about massage during pregnancy but it is perfectly safe from 12 weeks right up until baby arrives. A lady who was on my course told me she had a massage on her due date and said it was the best way she could have prepared for the birth! If your pregnancy is deemed ‘high risk’ then you must seek your midwifes advice before getting a massage, most therapists will ask for a letter of consent before doing the treatment if you’re in this category. If you are ‘low risk’ you do not need a letter.

To see all the benefits of Pregnancy massage please have a look on my treatments page.

The treatment will be available at Locker 27 and Home Visits from Monday 2nd December just in time for you to de stress before the busy Christmas Period.

I will also be releasing Pregnancy Massage vouchers – a perfect Gift for any Mum to be.  

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