New Logo

I would like to take this opportunity to launch my new logo – it has taken me 3 years to change my original standard Vistaprint one and I keep wondering why?!

I think that it is because when you set up a business you are your harshest critic and maybe I felt that I did not want to jinx it! But, I can honestly say I am SO proud of my new design. I chose to incorporate elements of anatomy and sports as that sums me up. I am a hockey player; I love sport and I am fascinated by the human body and how it functions (hence the degree in Sports Science). The purple is because it is my favourite colour – and if you’ve been in my room at Locker 27 then that is pretty obvious!

I have been at Locker 27 for 2 years now and JUST working there for about 16 months. I can honestly say that although it has been tough at times, it has been such a fun experience building my client base, designing the logo, going to local events and working with the most amazing team of people.

On that note – I would like to invite you all to come and see me at my stall at the Girl Power Fit Fest in Walton, Surrey (instagram – @girlpowerfitfest). I will be offering 10 minute massages for £5, also at the event there is food, drinks and fitness classes! It will be so much fun and I cannot wait.

I would also like to tell you about my amazing prize draw. Head over to my instagram account throughout this week for a chance to win the different prizes that I will be announcing every day. Each prize has a different set of t&c’s so keep an eye on those as you do not want to miss out!

Thank you for the support for the last 3 years and hopefully your continued support in the future.

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