New Year, New Goals?

We all start a New Year with huge plans to be more healthy, try to get down the gym or go for a run more frequently and eat clean but do we ever think about looking after our muscles?

I know I say it every years but why not try and include Massage into your new year resolutions?

1. Get active 

Sports  Massage Therapy has been proven to have major benefits for athletes, including enhancing performance, improving conditioning, speeding up recovery and preventing injuries. If you are going to increase your exercise you need to incorporate massage to prevent any injuries and get the best results for you.

2. Stress Management

I have written a blog about the importance of massage and stress. Studies have shown that getting a massage does infect reduce stress levels and improves mood.  (Please see my other blog for more details)

3. Take control of your pain

We need to take control of how our body is feeling and listening to it more. I see so many people who say ‘I thought it would go away and now its worse‘. If you get a massage as soon as you feel the niggle the likelihood of it turning into an injury is significantly reduced. It will also decrease the recovery time, if you allow a niggle to get worse you will need more treatment to correct the issue. You may also need to stop training which would really affect your fitness goals!

Its simple, include Sports Massage in your Healthy New Year Goals and this will keep you on track and tackle any nasty niggles!

For the month of January I am offering a beer a friend deal. Your friend gets 20% off their first 1hour and you get 10% off your next treatment!

T&C apply, please message me for more details and I cannot wait to see you all in 2019!

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